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Set your sights on where you want to go for 2012


“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

When I was a young kid in grade school we used to play a game called tag. One day while playing, one of my friends named Jimmy was tagged and started after me.  I ran down the stairs and across the school yard while my friends were cheering me on from the second story balcony.  I could hear him behind me the whole time. I finally got tired and stopped, and now I was the one tagged.  This sounds like a typical day for a kid in grade school, but for me it was a life lesson, because of what I learned that day. My other friends told me that I should have kept going, and that Jimmy had given up just before I stopped and he just walked over and tagged me.

Orrin Woodward has taught me a process called PDCA. It stands for Plan, Do, Check, and Adjust.  That day on the play ground, I came up with a plan and quickly started to do it.  The problem came in on the check and adjust part.  I couldn’t possibly see behind me and had no one to advise me.  If I only had a small webcam feeding into my sunglasses.

I have learned over the years the importance of having a mentor.  To have somebody to be my webcam that can give me a second story balcony perspective.  Somebody that can help me check my progress and help me make adjustments to gain the belief so not to lose hope and give up just before the victory.

As we start this new year off with great expectations let us not forget the PDCA process because acting, dreaming, and planning are nothing without belief.

God Bless,