Leadership for Life



A company always strives to increase profits, the problem is the owners and the field are not usually on the same side as to where the profits go. Unless the owners gave up their exclusive ownership and placed themselves in the same boat with the field. The leadership of LIFE had done just that on 11/01/11.  Our business model is amazing for lots of reasons, but here is just one more example of what happens when we are true owners of our business.



We said we would launch a company that would position itself in space never before occupied. We said we would deliver world class life-improvement materials.  We said those materials would be the highest value products in their market.  And finally, we said we’d make a pay plan that put 70% or more of total revenue into the field.


Friday night, in front of a live audience both in Lansing, Michigan and tuning in on video streaming from around the country, Orrin Woodward rolled out the One Time Cash Awards for the fiscal year 2012.  This is sooner than we had once thought practical, but the founders of LIFE wanted to get these out as soon as possible so LIFE members could maximize their 2012 incomes.  Here’s what LIFE members can earn when they hit the following levels for the first time during the 2012 fiscal year (which corresponds to the calendar year).

Leader 6 – which is six months (with at least 3 in a row) as a qualified Leader (either 15,000 total PV if you have no one under you who is also at 15,000 or at least 6,000 total PV (including your outside legs, personal volume, and customer volume) outside of that first leg if someone in that first leg is at 15,000 or above) receives $3,000

Leader 12 (this means you would have to start qualifying in January) receives $8,000

Coordinator 6 receives $4,000

Coordinator 12 receives $10,000

Sr. Coordinator 6 receives $10,000

Sr. Coordinator 12 receives $25,000

Life Coach 6 receives $30,000

Life Coach 12 receives $80,000

Executive Life Coach 6 receives $50,000

Executive Life Coach 12 receives $125,000

Double Life Coach 6 receives $75,000

Double Life Coach 12 receives $200,000

Triple Life Coach 6 receives $100,000

Triple Life Coach 12 receives $250,000

These OTCA’s are an extra bonus we will announce each year.

The way to qualify for them is to take your December 2011 achievement as a baseline.  For instance, if you hit Leader in December, then you can begin qualifying for the Leader OTCA’s in 2012.  If you hit Coordinator in December of 2011, then you can begin qualifying for the Coordinator OTCA’s for 2012 (but not for any of the OTCA’s below that level).  As you move up through the ranks during 2012, you can accumulate the bonuses.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you qualify as a Leader in January 2012.  Then you continue qualifying through the entire year, but in July you also move up to the Coordinator level and hold it through the end of the year (thereby hitting Coordinator for 6 months).  In this case you would accumulate three OTCA’s: $3,000 for Leader 6, $8,000 for Leader 12, and $4,000 for Coordinator 6.  Your total OTCA’s for 2012, on top of all your other monthly LIFE bonuses, would therefore be $15,000!

This all means that January is a hugely important month for you!  If you can attain to at least the Leader level, you are setting yourself up for some big bucks in 2012!

So set some goals now! Get to work and start hitting those volume heights and earning for yourself the LIFE you’ve always wanted!  It’s here!