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Talking with a friend

Recently A friend of mine (Let’s call him John) asked me what was the difference between the LIFE business and other home based businesses.   So I decided to answer him using some quotes taken from Tony Dungy’s  book  “The Mentor Leader”.


Hi John,

I see you’ve been busy!

We at the TEAM have finally been able to get back to what we do best, build communities.  As you know it’s been interesting the last few years for us.  This was needed for us to get to the point where we can build correctly.  As you know our focus has been on developing people.  I’ve recently started reading a book from Tony Dungy called The Mentor Leader”.  I’ll share a few things from there.

I’ve heard sociologist Tony Campolo say that the world has switched the price tags, giving value to the valueless while undervaluing the truly important.  Accumulating things is highly prized in our society, as are status and fame.  On the other hand, the truly important things of life often happen in quiet, private moments—moments of faith, family, and building relationships.

The TEAM has launched a company called LIFE.  We focus on the 8 F’s in people’s lives; Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fitness, Fun, Freedom, and Following (Leadership).  We understand the reason leadership is the highest paid profession on earth is because of it’s contribution to society.  Leadership effects every part of our lives.  Here’s some more from the book.

What can I do to make other people better, to make them all that God created them to be?”

Leadership is an acquired trait, learned from the interaction with others who know how to lead and lead well.”

“Leaders seek to have a direct, intentional, and positive impact on those they lead.  At it’s core, mentoring is about building character into the lives of others, modeling and teaching attitudes and behaviors, and creating a constructive legacy to be passed along to future generations of leaders. I don’t think it’s possible to be an accidental mentor.”

Building a life of significance, and creating a legacy of real value, means being willing to get your hands dirty.”

“Part of our purpose in life is to build a legacy– a consistent patten into the lives of others.”

Most people are afraid of these types of businesses John, because of the people that have come before us using people to build their business instead of using a business system to build people.

“Are you building relationships, or are you building a tower (of people) to climb to the top?”

John you remember while growing up you had many teachers.  But there was one teacher that you remember more that the others. Why is that?  Because that teacher cared about you, invested time and energy into you.  Welcome to LIFE!  Successful leaders make people they lead better players, workers, students, or family members and ultimately, better people.  Most ideas today revolve around sitting at home in our underwear building a tower of people through avatars, and being proud of the fact that we’ve never met them.  Let me share some more.

“It take time to build mentoring relationships.  It takes time to add value to other people’s lives.”

“Mentor leaders tend to lean toward longer- term results.  They are involved in the present, but are willing to defer immediate gratification in order to build value and structure into people’s lives, creating culture based on something more than wins and loses.”

Mentor leaders understand that if we lose sight of people, we lose sight of the very purpose of leadership.”

Shortsighted leadership focuses primarily on the bottom line.  In football, it’s wins and losses and playoff berth’s.  In business, it’s quarterly profits, shareholder equity, and sales targets.  Not that these things aren’t important—they are.  But when they become the primary focus of a business or a team, they inevitably result in a organization that is out of balance.  Leaders whose definition of success depends on such a short-term focus—and by short-term I mean temporal, non eternal—will one day wake up to discover they’ve missed out on what is truly important in life, namely meaningful relationships.”

Sadly, such accomplishment without SIGNIFICANCE will ultimately prove to be meaningless and without lasting value.  Mentor leaders insist on more and define success in a much more robust and well rounded way.”

If your all about winning, it’s not really worth it.  I’m after things that last.”

John, one day I will die and meet my maker and He will say “I gave you so much to work with and what did you do with it?”  I can say “I built a tower of bodies, and used them for my gain” or I can say “I focused on learning and growing and used a system to build people and got paid handsomely for it, so I can use that money to invest back into other peoples lives.”  Because I believe that our privileges should be used not for our pleasures but for our purpose.

Sorry for being so long winded, but as you can see I feel very passionate about the difference we are making.

Your friend,

Curtis Spolar